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 Post subject: Updated CTZCC Graphs
PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:41 pm 
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I'll let the club stats graphs speak for themselves.

CTZCC is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds!

P.S. I'm sure Frank will immediately begin the analysis and report back to the membership his very astute findings!

Members by Month.jpg
Members by Month.jpg [ 138.2 KiB | Viewed 2468 times ]
Members by Month Cum.jpg
Members by Month Cum.jpg [ 124.76 KiB | Viewed 2468 times ]
Members by State.jpg
Members by State.jpg [ 61.65 KiB | Viewed 2468 times ]
Z's by year.jpg
Z's by year.jpg [ 110.38 KiB | Viewed 2468 times ]
Z's by model.jpg
Z's by model.jpg [ 93.02 KiB | Viewed 2468 times ]
Page Hits by Month.jpg
Page Hits by Month.jpg [ 140.41 KiB | Viewed 2468 times ]

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:16 pm 

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:shock: 240's rule :!: :!: :!: especially 1972 :!: :!: :D :D :D This made my day. :D

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:43 pm 

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Woah! I just discovered this. How did I miss it before? I was waiting for it.

Haha Phil! Your comment is right on the money! :D

Well, I have a lot to say about our graphs. They tell me a lot about our Club and I have missed seeing them. I used to follow them each month, but I've fallen out of the loop and don't get to zee them as often anymore.

I think they are very important indicators about "US" ~ where we've been and where we are now.

One of my favorite graphs shows the number of 'hits' this website gets each month. Each time someone in the Cyber World clicks on CTZCC.com, this graph shows a 'hit'. Regardless whether they say anything to us or not, or how long they stay on our website, they have shown an interest in us. I love to read the lower left corner of our Forums page, where it shows who's reading the site at the moment. There are ALWAYS some visitors wandering thru, reading our news and comments. They could be anywhere in the world, interested in Zs and exploring or discovering us.

I like to compare this "hits" graph year-by-year. It shows trends which repeat annually ~ like the fall-off of activity each year, shortly after the Annual Fall Picnic in October. That's when we store the cars, say goodbye to each other, and turn towards our family homelife to celebrate the holidays. Even then we remember our Z brothers and sisters, and talk to each other thru the winter. But you can see the gentle trend of lessening conversation after the Zeason ends ~ it's truly the cars which keep us together, and while they hibernate, we sort of do, too.

I like to compare the early years of this website's activity to the present rate of exchange. It was normal just a few years ago (when we only had about 2 doZen members) for us to have maybe 140 hits per month. Today we average more than three times that each HOUR. Our popularity has risen with our activity ~ just Google "Z Car Club" and we always pop up among the top 3 or 4 websites in the WORLD.

You can find major events on this graph, which indicate Club landmarks. My favorite is shown in August 2010. That huge spike ~ the biggest one in our Club's history so far, is when we 'discovered' Rick Morgan's Lucky #13, hidden in a local backyard shelter. We got traffic from around the world for that discovery, generating more than 34,000 hits on his thread, alone, and nearly 58,000 hits on the website for that month (78 PER HOUR). It also accounted for our largest-ever (so far) spike in new-member-joins, with 64 clambering aboard in less than 3 months (New-Members graph). That was followed by Thorsten Link's incredible adventure with his 240Z. He couldn't find one for sale in Germany, so he asked around over here ~ and started a landslide of conversation which included more than 27,000 views of his New Member Introduction.

Statisticians will tell you to interpret a graph like this, you have to ignore the peaks and valleys, and draw an imaginary line half-way btwn the high and low marks. That will give you a gently rolling 'sea-swell' line which indicates the average number of hits the website gets over time. Our sea-swell is gently rolling, but it climbs to a higher average each year. The recent addition of some new young members helps this A LOT. Make no mistake ~ these youngsters are the future of this Club. They are about the same age we older members were when the Z first came out, so they have as much potential experience ahead of them as we older guys have today. They will live to become the voice of the Z car in America. (Think about that a moment, and treat them accordingly. They are our most important asset today). Some of them will actually own some of our Z cars after we're "finished with them" in future years. Consider THAT, too, when they ask you a question about your priZe possession.

My other favorite graph is the membership counter. Again, I love to look back just a few years to when we had those two doZen plank-laying ground-floor Club-formers, gathering around Ross at a coffee house or in his front yard. Many of those names are still with us today, still loyal to the Z cause.

Today our membership numbers are more than 2700% greater than they were just a few years ago, and they show no sign of stopping. Our 'growth chart' (if you will) reminds me of a Dynomometer Power curve. Any viewer can clearly see that we've hit Turbo and are spooling up to set even new records in the future.

My final happy graph is the one which made Paul so happy ~ the cars graph. This shows how many cars of each year we have registered in our "stable". It's not entirely accurate, because one of our major members (Jimbo Frederick) has so many "pre-1970" 240Zs that he declines to list them all. So the number of 1969/70 240Zs is actually significantly higher (at least 20 more) than is shown here. But it warms my dark little heart to zee how many 1970 240Zs we have accounted for in this Club! And each member can take pride at the total number of HIS year and style of Z car. I'm just happy we have accounted for this many preserved Zs. I want them all to last forever.....but I know better.

Many of us will take personal pride in the 'member location' graph. That shows where our members live. We are blessed to live in such a dinky little state, so that our members can actually be a Club. Over 400 of our registered members live here in CT, and we get together as often and as best we can. We actually meet each other, get to know each other and our cars, and help one another keep our Zs on the road.

Yes, there are clubs across the country with far more members than we have here. Carl Beck's Internet Z Club has thousands of followers, for example. Texas alone has Z clubs which would dwarf the CTZCC. But we are totally unique in that we are a real, monthly-meeting Club with members who actually get together, get to know each other and interact with each other as often as possible. "Most of us know most of us" could be our motto. Other clubs exist solely on the internet and their members don't meet at all. Texas is so big that they have to have many clubs across their state (none of them small, mind you) in order to offer any chance of meeting each other. And the drive to gather together could take a full day of travel. Or, you could pack up and move to Utah ( :roll: ) where they have a Z club but no activity. Not meaning to splash criticism on anybody else's Z clubs, but I sure am thankful to Ross and his faithful band of followers who formed this Club. It seems the perfect combination of lots of Z-heads in a small space.
We can gather 250 people and 100 carz for a Z event, have Bob Sharp sit and eat hot dogs with us and laugh about SCCA race rules 40 yrs ago, and then drive 15 miles and be safely home that evening.
Name me any other club who can do that?

So yes, I love these graphs. They tell me a lot, and the only way they change is by increasing.

Wonderful clubs all around us are falling by the wayside, some with outstanding membership rosters and enthusiastic leaders in them. They are becoming victims of a harsh economy and cannot afford to keep up with the optimistic goals they have set for themselves. We, on the other hand, never charge our membership a dime. We feed them for free each time we meet, we hold exciting and safe events together, and we have a grand time whenever we gather. Our members mean so much to us, it actually hurts to say goodbye sometimes. Losing members like Colin Foote and Tommy Sullivan and his girls is almost like losing actual family members for us.

So we're free, and we're thriving. We're drawing in families because we're a 'clean' Club which behaves when we're together, so members aren't afraid to bring their wives or kids or sweethearts to our functions. And we're drawing guys in their teens and twenties (the future of the Z car community) because we love to teach people about these wonderful machines which gave us so much thrilling fun (and angst!) when we were their ages. And we're drawing members from Australia and Europe and Puerto Rico and Canada and far-off froZen Nordic lands because we feel joined to them by a common love for the Z, and we're each personally happy to know that the Z is being loved in those countries, too. They say the same things about their Zs that we say about our own, but in different languages.

So these graphs mean a lot to me. I view them as landmarks, or memorials, or celebrations of Ross Williams' vision and foresight years ago. This is what he created. This is what he built. We are who he chose to bring it all together. I see that each time I view these graphs.

Thanks Phil, for sharing these. We should view them each month, so we can each keep our fingers on THE PULSE OF OUR CLUB.


1970 240Z

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:28 am 

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Preach Frank, preach!


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