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 Post subject: The Month of June
PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:23 pm 

Joined: Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:53 pm
Posts: 13291
Location: CT
To The General Membership ~

I respectfully remind all members that we need your cooperation in the following areas before the month expires:

(1) If you have not registered yrslf with the club, please take a moment and do that NOW. We know many of you are actually long-time participants who have just not got one of those "Round Tuits" yet and never completed the 45-second on-line registration. Our President Ross Williams and our Web-Wizzard Jim Hagani have worked really hard to get the registration process as easy as humanly possible, which it now is. The club database is strictly and jealously guarded ~ nobody has access to it outside the club and it is not shared within the club. That's about the best protection I've encountered in recent years (I wish my bank account was that secure!);

(2) If you haven't yet done so, PLEASE make an entry in the New Members Intro section! I meet longstanding, steadfast members at each meeting who actively contribute to our club, who have yet to introduce themselves on this forum. As an incentive, I am granting a FULL AMNESTY for the remainder of the month, to any member who finally gets around to telling us a bit about hmslf and/or his car, regardless how long he has been dodging this duty!

(3) Put a picture of your car in Member Rides! No matter what your car looks like RIGHT NOW, somebody in the club will love it. Imagine the thrill any of us gets, the first moment we walk in on a barn-find Z car! Dirty, flat tires, mice inside.....but our "Z-genes" see the potential and can picture it as a 96-point car! Think of how much more YOUR car will thrill everyone, after however much work you've already done to it. Two of my favorite Member Rides pix are of Dan Linquist's nearly-finished 240, and Wes Lent's rain-soaked, wiperless Roadster. Either photo puts my mind's eye in Fast Forward and makes me drool. Folks, we all have fantasies ~ show us your car TODAY! *(And don't forget the cool competition Jim Hagani has created ~ every month we will have a Car of the Month, and it doesn't necessarily have to be the "best in show" to win ~ just the one you would most like to have the keys to at the moment you vote).

(4) Our first annual car show is coming up in fewer than 30 days. We will certainly learn some DOs and DONTs from this first experience, but we are ADAMANT about making this first try a good one, which is enjoyable by all. In order to do that, we have to know how many people and cars to provide for. (Show cars, parked cars, guest facilities, "riot control", food, etc all have to be planned ahead of time). President Ross is patiently waiting for you (Y-O-U!) to fill out the Poll (right here, in the WHAT'S NEW forum) and let us know if and how you think you will be able to participate on Sat/19July (or Sun/20July if it rains). People, PLEASE go to this poll RIGHT NOW and let him know what your best-guess is at this moment. This Poll isn't rocket science and you won't be held accountable for changing your plans before the show......but Ross has to make some commitments very soon and he needs a rough-count to do that. Please help him make this first show a great success by letting him plan for what's needed.

(5) Anyone still holding items they wish to donate to the 19July Car show Raffle, please push my "PM" button below and we'll set up a way for me to gather what you have. This, too, has to be pre-planned so we have enough table space, raffle tickets, and a chance to clean, bag and mark the items (year, model, function, etc). So far I'm doing this alone and would welcome some help if available. Volunteers will no longer be laughed at, just gratefully accepted!

OK, to recap ~ Make sure you're registered with the Club, stick an Intro under New Members, Share a photo of your car, and take Ross' Poll.
'Don't mean to sound like your First Sergeant ~ just your big brother!
Let's do it!

Frank T
Mbrshp Dir
Raffle cZar
Volunteer guy

AND NOW, PLEASE RISE FOR A WORD FROM OUR PRESIDENT, ROSS WILLIAMS......(wild cheers and applause as the microphone is passed)...

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:26 pm 
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Joined: Thu Sep 01, 2005 1:12 am
Posts: 2153
Location: Darien, CT
Thanks for the hand-off and great e-mail. Glad there is someone else out there who is in charge of "rustling the herd" now and then.

Some of you might be wondering how the club is doing these days. My response to that question would be GREAT! If you look at the Member Rides section, the website, the discussion forum, planning for the upcoming show, pictures of past meeting and events - one thing becomes clear. This club has momentum and is growing in membership and activity each and every week. The club database is up to almost 120 people and that excludes those folks that Frank referred to above that are on our discussion forum but have not officially registered. Those people are not getting the periodic club e-mails because aside from their user name, we don't know who they are.

Planning for the upcoming show is going very well. I have already received most of the "goodie bag" items including t-shirts, dash plaques, key chains and vintage Bob Sharp patches and decals. Trophies were ordered last week and we are going to expand to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category (instead of just 1st and 2nd). In addition, I am starting to receive "freebies" from Motorsport Auto, Meguires and other companies that we will include either in the goodie bags (for small items) or on the raffle table (for large items). If you have ever ordered anything from Motosport, you can just imagine my delight as a big box of FREE items arrived yesterday. It was like Christmas morning opneing that box and all of it will be going to the show. As Frank pointed our, you really can help by indicating in the poll in the What's New section whether you plan to attend.

Thanks Frank for sending out this reminder and as Frank said, please 1) register to "join our club" on the homepage, 2) upload photos of your ride, 3) introduce yourself on our discussion forum and 4) vote in the poll as to whether you are attending the show. You can make this club more succesful by doing all four of the things above.

Thanks, Ross

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